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  • Alaska hums with 'over abundance' of news

    Curtis J. Freeman, For Mining News|Updated Feb 24, 2008

    As is commonly the case in late January, an over abundance of news has come out in the last month, in part to coincide with year-end financial releases and in part to coincide with the annual Cordilleran Roundup mining convention in Vancouver. The news itself included an $819 million year-end 2007 profit at one Alaska mine, new gold resources of 32.8 million ounces for the state's largest gold deposit and the sale of 70 percent of another mine for a whopping $750 million. That doesn't count new resource estimates on two other...

  • Prepare for 'wild and woolly' 2008

    Curtis J. Freeman, For Mining News|Updated Jan 27, 2008

    For any of you who have experienced that odd quiet before a big storm hits, I'd suggest you grab Toto and head for the root cellar because the "quiet" is about to end and the perfect storm is about to begin! I say this because the mining industry took its collective breath during the last month and recharged its batteries in preparation for what looks to be a wild and woolly 2008. Commodities prices remain high; worldwide demand for metals and energy minerals remains strong, and investment capital is there for quality mining... Full story

  • Alaska mining news summary: Seward Peninsula most active part of state as mid-summer drilling, trenching, prospecting results pour in

    Curtis J. Freeman, Cpg #6901, PNA Contributing Columnist|Updated Aug 11, 2002

    Drilling, trenching and prospecting results are pouring in from all over the state as the 2002 summer season hits its annual mid-point. The most active place in the states continues to be the Seward Peninsula although a number of other areas are seeing increased levels of interest and expenditure for the first time in five years. Tire kicking has increased across the board and new property acquisitions are expected to make their way to the public domain in August. Gold exploration has resurfaced after a long hiatus but base...

  • Alaska mining news summary: Several exploration projects in the works for the season; most funded by junior companies

    Curtis J. Freeman, Cpg #6901, PNA Contributing Columnist|Updated May 12, 2002

    Is it my rose colored glasses or has the mining industry brightened considerably in the past month? The bump in the gold prices along with the slow but steady increase in the abysmal prices for other metals seems to have infused the mining industry with, dare I say it, optimism! Quite frankly I'm not sure how to react since we have not seen an industry-wide "smile" since the heady days at the end of the last millennium before the Busang scam devastated the industry and helped hasten the plunge of the already declining gold...

  • Alaska mining news summary from geologist Curt Freeman

    Curtis J. Freeman, Cpg #6901, PNA Contributing Columnist|Updated Apr 14, 2002

    The snows are rapidly retreating and the Alaska mining industry is busy sharpening picks and pencils as it prepares for the summer season. Metals prices are on the rebound and a surprisingly vigorous economic recovery is under way in the United States. Although budgets for major companies for Alaska are not likely to change drastically in 2002, junior equity markets are surprisingly buoyant and should provide more immediate capital for investment in Alaska this year. Western Alaska NovaGold Resources announced the results...

  • Alaska mining news summary: Exploration activities for gold and base metals this year appear to be on the rise

    Curtis J. Freeman, Cpg #6901, PNA Contributing Columnist|Updated Mar 24, 2002

    Spring is in everyone's step in the Alaska mining industry even if spring is not quite yet in the air here in Alaska. Buoyant spirits are related to surprisingly buoyant metals prices and positive economic news from the U.S. economy. Plans for 2002 are in progress and fieldwork on some projects already is under way. Exploration activities for gold in 2002 appear to be on the rise compared to 2001 as is exploration for base metals. The professional begging (money raising) season is in full swing for junior and intermediate siz... Full story

  • Alaska mining news summary: New discoveries emerge from 2001 season

    Curtis J. Freeman, Cpg #6901, PNA Contributing Columnist|Updated Sep 1, 2001

    Results from the 2001 field season have begun to show up from around the state. At the same time, the number of rumors circulating via the Tundra Telegraph about results that have not been formally announced, has picked up. Fieldwork continues on a number of projects around the state but that early morning chill in the air is a harbinger of change in the near future. When the dust settles later this year, it will be clear that several new discoveries have been made in Alaska in 2001 and that several promising properties did... Full story

  • Alaska mining news and trends from geologist Curt Freeman

    Curtis J. Freeman, Cpg #6901, PNA Contributing Writer|Updated Aug 28, 2001

    As is always the case this time of year, many of the season's exploration and development programs are completed or nearing completion and the results of those programs are trickling in. In addition, second quarter 2001 operating results are in for Alaska's major mines, all of which are doing well despite depressed prices for all of the metals they produce. The state's most active areas include the Seward Peninsula, Interior Alaska and southeast Alaska. Here is what's going on. Western Alaska Cominco American's Red Dog mine...

  • Alaska mining news and trends from geologist Curt Freeman

    Curtis J. Freeman, Cpg #6901, PNA Contributing Writer|Updated May 28, 2001

    While the noisy debate continues over ANWR, the gas pipeline possibilities and the ever-increasing cost of gasoline, the Alaska mining industry has quietly made the seasonal transition from winter to summer. The sound of drills and rock picks on outcrops is beginning to echo across the state. By all accounts the number of feet drilled, the number of geologists and engineers employed and the number of dollars spent around the state this year will be down significantly compared to the last several years. That said, several area...

  • Alaska mining news and trends from geologist Curt Freeman

    Curtis J. Freeman, Cpg #6901, PNA Contributing Writer|Updated Apr 28, 2001

    Alaska's "winter that wasn't" is nearing its end and with it the mining industry is gearing up for another summer season. This season promises to see less intense activity in the gold exploration sector, more polymetallic and platinum group element exploration along with continued development activities at Red Dog, Greens Creek, Fort Knox and the Pogo project. To underscore this recent shift away from gold and into other metals, the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada recently awarded its prestigious Prospector...