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  • Contango ORE President and CEO Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse looks over Arctic deposit.

    Dorothy ... a few ideas on the Great Reset!

    Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse|Updated Jul 14, 2022

    Last week my good friend and colleague Curt Freeman wrote an article titled: "Is it time to press the reset button?". The article made me laugh and got me thinking – and rather than just falling in line with all the Dorothy's out there and just whine about it or blame COVID, Putin, Biden or the Billionaires club, I decided to proffer a few tangible suggestions that I believe are within reach and importantly - largely within our control, say within the next ten years; we j... Full story

  • British Kingdom of England gold sovereign King Henry 1489 coin

    The Smithsonian and its golden beginning

    Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, Special to Mining News|Updated Sep 26, 2020

    Next year will mark the 175th anniversary of one of the greatest institutions in the world – the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. and certainly the pride of our nation's capital. The patron of this American Institution was a geologist who willed its creation with $500,000 in gold despite the fact that he had never stepped foot in the United States. The story behind the Smithsonian is an interesting one, but the gold that funded its founding tells an equally intriguing tale of fi... Full story

  • Jim McDougall at Windy Craggy cobalt copper gold silver zinc deposit BC

    It is time for a new look at Windy Craggy

    Bruce Downing and Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse|Updated Sep 26, 2020

    N'tsi Tatay, more widely known as the Windy Craggy Project, is one of North America's largest resources of cobalt with excellent copper, zinc, gold, and silver grades hosted in an Upper Triassic Besshi-style volcanogenic massive sulphide. It is located in the northwestern corner of British Columbia within a regional scale volcano-sedimentary basin, termed Alta Basin, which is a mineralized belt that has the potential for future discoveries. Other known sulphide prospects... Full story

  • Green energy, copper, offshore wind power, mining

    Ambler Copper: Part of the Problem or Part of the Green Energy Solution?

    Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, Special to Mining News|Updated Sep 24, 2020

    Governments around the world are collaborating to focus on addressing Climate Change and Global Warming. The Paris Climate Accord adopted numerous measures to "limit a global temperature rise this century below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels". Although there are many things that can be done to address climate change, the most meaningful and obvious is to use cleaner forms of energy and transportation. Alaska has shown the world how energy resources can be... Full story