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 By Curt Freemen    Opinion

Bottom feeders hunt projects in Alaska

The unseasonably, interminably, unspeakably cold spring that is delaying mineral exploration and development work in Alaska this year is being mimicked by a financial chill that is affecting Alaska exploration efforts just like it is... — Updated 1/26/2018

 By Curt Freeman    News

Alaskans tout mining at industry meet

I recently attended the 119th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Mining Association in Reno and came away feeling better about Alaska than when I arrived. Alaska Miners Association Director... — Updated 12/22/2013

 By Shane Lasley    News

Mining Explorers 2013: Junior explorers scarce in Alaska

The ongoing scarcity of venture capital available to junior companies coupled with a retreat in metals prices has landed a one-two blow that sent mineral exploration spending in Alaska... — Updated 11/3/2013

 By Shane Lasley    News

AIDEA projects buoy Alaska mining jobs

From Kotzebue to Ketchikan, Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority is using its financial muscle and its ability to build and operate large infrastructure projects to help... — Updated 10/27/2013

 By Curt Freeman    News

Industry experiencing unparalled changes

If you are looking for proof that the mining industry is experiencing unparalleled changes, look no further than "Mine 2012: The growing disconnect," the 9th edition of... — Updated 6/24/2012

 By Curt Freeman    News

Recent mining revival sparks déjà vu

I was tempted to make a few 2012 predictions now that 2011 is nearly gone, but I decided not to when I came across the following lines and was struck by how closely they mimic our... — Updated 12/25/2011

 By Shane Lasley    News

Mining Explorers 2011: Explorers seek Alaska mammoths

Whether it is multimillion-ounce gold discoveries, copper deposits that measure in the billions of pounds or massive ore-bodies of 20 percent zinc, Alaska is renowned for its mammoth... — Updated 11/6/2011


Mining Explorers 2011: Zazu Metals Corp.

TSX: ZAZ Chairman and CEO: Gil Atzmon Vice President, Corporate Development: Matt Ford Vice President, Exploration: Joe Britton Analysts predict growing demand in Asia markets coupled with the expected closure of several of the world's... — Updated 11/6/2011

 By Curt Freemen    News

Recent activity covers entire spectrum

As termination dust settles over Alaska, the diversity of mineral exploration, development and production news this month covers the entire spectrum of mining industry activities. The last of the seasonal early-stage exploration... — Updated 10/30/2011

 By Curt Freemen    News

Discoveries fail to keep up with output

A recent article in the Newsletter of the Society of Economic Geologists discussed ways of addressing an arresting trend in the mining industry that affects Alaska's mining future. Authors N. Stephen Enders of the Colorado School of... — Updated 9/25/2011

 By Curt Freemen    News

Economic jitters sap venture capital

Despite the abundance of good news from the Alaska mining industry this month, there is an unusual black cloud hanging over the industry that threatens to rain on our parade of projects. Domestic and international markets got a severe ca... — Updated 8/28/2011

 By Shane Lasley    News

Analysts foretell coming zinc shortage

Zinc, the fourth most consumed metal in the world, is an essential building block of modern society and the dominant metal mined in Alaska over the past two decades. In 2010, 538,000... — Updated 7/31/2011

 By Curt Freeman    News

Exploration season shifts into high gear

The last month has seen a massive transition in Alaska from planning to execution, from getting ready to go to the field to boots on the outcrop and drills in the ground. Each year the... — Updated 6/26/2011

 By Curt Freeman    News

Look no farther for rare gold deposits

Some months ago I was talking to a senior exploration manager regarding the lack of new discoveries worldwide in the last few years. The subject came up of just how rare a... — Updated 5/29/2011

 By Shane Lasley    News

NANA looks beyond Red Dog Mine

NANA Regional Corp. is on the hunt for mineral deposits that will continue to sustain the economic well being of its 12,500 shareholders beyond the life of the Red Dog Mine. "We know... — Updated 4/24/2011

 By Curt Freeman    News

Stats reflect mining's impact on Alaska

There are some new stats out regarding mining's impact on Alaska that the McDowell Group Inc. produced for the State of Alaska. For 2010, the Alaska mining industry accounted for 3,500... — Updated 2/27/2011

 By Shane Lasley    News

2010 Mining Explorers: Explorers trek to Last Frontier

The Last Frontier, as Alaska has long been labeled, is as applicable a moniker today as it was to prospectors who ventured to the territory at the end of the 19th century. Alaska is... — Updated 10/31/2010


2010 Mining Explorers: Zazu Metals Corp.

STOCK SYMBOL: ZAZ Chairman and CEO: Gil Atzmon Vice President, Exploration: Joe Britton Vice President, Business Development: Matthew Ford Zazu Metals Corp. is exploring what it believes is one of the largest undeveloped zinc-lead deposi... — Updated 10/31/2010

 By Curt Freeman    News

Kensington joins ranks of big producers

Two seminal events related to the Alaska mining industry occurred in the past month. First, in late June, Coeur d'Alene Mines Corp. reported the commencement of production at it... — Updated 7/25/2010

 By Curt Freeman    News

Gold demand could shake world markets

As Alaska's mining industry moves into the frenetic summer exploration and development season, the rest of the world is being buffeted by wild financial and commodity "mood swings" that... — Updated 4/25/2010

 By Curt Freeman    News

Statistics show mining matters to Alaska

The Alaska Miners Association recently released an economic benefits summary of the Alaska mining industry. This summary indicated that in 2009 the Alaska mining industry provided 3,300... — Updated 2/28/2010

 By Shane Lasley    News

Terrane wreck lures explorers to Alaska

Geologically, Alaska is a terrane wreck, with multiple tectonic plates dumping their mineral payloads over the landscape. Geologists are still sifting through the wreckage in many places... — Updated 2/28/2010

 By Curt Freeman    News

New year, decade brings opportunities

As we plunge headlong into a new year and a new decade, the broad economic indicators for the mining industry suggest continued strong prices for most commodities in 2010 followed by... — Updated 1/17/2010

 By Shane Lasley    News

Zazu orders Lik transportation study

Zazu Metals Corp. has signed an agreement with the state-owned Alaska Industrial Development and Export Agency to complete due diligence for transportation infrastructure needed to suppor... — Updated 1/17/2010

 By Curt Freeman    News

Miners, like boats, rode tide in 2009

Although commodities prices have improved for the mining industry over the past year, 2009 has been the kind of year most of us hope not to repeat. The best analogy I can come up with is... — Updated 12/20/2009


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