Critical Minerals Alaska 2020

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    The U.S. Geological Survey has deemed 35 minerals and metals critical to the security and economic wellbeing of the United States. At least 29 of these – antimony, arsenic, barite, beryllium, bismuth, chromium, cobalt, fluorspar, gallium, germanium, graphite, hafnium, indium, magnesium, manganese, niobium, platinum group metals, rare earth elements, rhenium, rubidium, scandium, tantalum, tellurium, tin, titanium, tungsten, uranium, vanadium and zirconium – are found in Alaska. Alaska has filled the domestic needs of many of these critical mined materials in the past; has several advanced staged mineral projects slated to produce them in the near future; and currently supplies a globally significant amount of one. Critical Minerals Alaska 2020 provides new details on the uses and markets for these minerals, metals and groups of elements; why they are considered critical to the United States; and where in Alaska they can be found. This full-color magazine delivers a comprehensive resource to policymakers looking for ways to foster domestic production of critical minerals; investors looking for companies with these minerals and metals needed for high-tech, green energy and military applications; and mining executives looking to uncover and develop Alaska’s vast and underexplored critical minerals potential.


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