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Kennady reports kimberlite results

Kennady Diamonds Inc. April 23 reported further diamond recovery results from the 2014 summer/fall drilling of the Kelvin kimberlite at its Kennady North diamond project, Northwest Territories.

A 1.83-metric-ton sample from the Kelvin South Lobe averaged 3.64 carats per metric ton of diamonds greater than 0.85 millimeters.

The four largest diamonds recovered from the Kelvin South Lobe sample are: 1.36 carat off-white, transparent, macle (twinned) with inclusions; 0.68 carat off-white, transparent, broken tetra-hexahedron with inclusions; 0.44 carat off-white, transparent, fragment with minor inclusions; and 0.44 carat off-white, transparent, octahedral with inclusions.

A 47.62-kilogram sample from the Kelvin Sheet averaged 5.95 c/t of diamonds greater than 0.85 millimeters.

The largest diamond recovered from the Kelvin Sheet sample is described as a 0.12 carat white-colorless, transparent octahedral with minor inclusions.

Kennady noted that the number of transparent white-colorless and off-white diamonds is very high.

Another 2.73 metric tons of kimberlite from the Kelvin North Lobe is now being processed and results are expected by the end of the second quarter.

Processing of a 436-metric-ton bulk sample collected from Kelvin over the winter is expected to begin by the end of May.

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