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North of 60 Mining News – December 20, 2019


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White Gold Corp.

White Gold completed 9,568 meters of diamond drilling in 46 holes at the Vertigo gold discovery about 60 kilometers (37 miles) southeast of Dawson City, Yukon.

White Gold Corp. Dec. 19 said its 2019 drilling at Vertigo has confirmed continuity of the high-grade, near surface, gold mineralization discovered at this target on the road-accessible JP Ross property in Yukon's White Gold District.

The 2018 discovery hole at Vertigo cut 3.1 meters of 56.25 grams per metric ton gold from a depth of 3.1 meters, part of a 10.67-meter intercept averaging 17.34 g/t gold.

Follow-up RAB and reverse circulation drilling during the 2018 season confirmed and expanded the discovery, with the best intercept cutting 82.3 meters grading 3.21 g/t gold, including 1.5 meters of 103.9 g/t gold and 400 g/t silver from surface in hole JPRVERRC18-006.

This year's two-phase program at Vertigo included 9,568 meters of diamond drilling in 46 holes.

Highlights from the initial phase of 2019 drilling at Vertigo include:

• 4.2 meters averaging 9.16 g/t gold from a depth of 20 meters in hole JPRVER19D0005;

• 1.2 meters averaging 6.89 g/t gold from 4.7 meters and 1.8 meters of 20.15 g/t gold from 104.5 meters in JPRVER19D006;

• 5.3 meters averaging 11.64 g/t gold from three meters and 2.5 meters of 18.46 g/t gold from 92 meters in JPRVER19D0015;

• one meter averaging 32.2 g/t gold from 15.2 meters in JPRVER19D0016; and

• 1.2 meters averaging 13 g/t gold from 20.3 meters in JPRVER19D0021.

The second phase of drilling included 12 holes drilled to refine geology and continuity along the west-northwest structural trend at Vertigo.

Highlights from the phase-two drilling include:

• 3.6 meters averaging 4.74 g/t gold from a depth of 30.5 meters in JPRVER19D0040;

• 15.8 meters averaging 1.51 g/t gold from 22.8 meters in JPRVER19D0043;

• 3.3 meters averaging 4.12 g/t gold from 20.5 meters in JPRVER19D0048;

• 11.6 meters averaging 4.31 g/t gold from 31 meters in JPRVER19D0049; and

• 0.5 meters averaging 15.85 g/t gold from 25.5 meters in JPRVER19D0050.

White Gold said all the Vertigo holes drilled this year cut gold mineralization and at least six high-grade mineralized structures have been identified at the target.

"We are very pleased with the abundance of gold mineralization encountered at the Vertigo to date, highlighted by the presence of multiple high-grade structures which continue to remain open in all directions," said White Gold CEO David D'Onofrio. "These results validate the Vertigo target to be a structurally controlled mineralized zone forming part of a regional-scale system, including the recently discovered Sabotage, Topaz, North Frenzy and multiple other gold targets across our JP Ross property."

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These JP Ross gold targets fall within a roughly 250-square-kilometer (97 square miles) mineralized system centered on Vertigo, which does not include the exciting Titan discovery made on the neighboring Hen property.

The best rock samples collected from the Titan area, which is about 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) northwest of Vertigo, returned assays of 605 g/t (19.5 ounces per metric ton), 497 g/t (16 oz/t), 113 g/t (3.6 oz/t) and 78.3 g/t (2.5 oz/t) gold.

HENTTN19RAB-02, the second rotary air blast drill hole at Titan, cut 6.1 meters averaging 72.81 g/t gold from a depth of 10.67 meters, including 3.1 meters averaging 136.36 g/t gold.

Additional results from drilling regional targets on the JP Ross and White Gold properties are pending.

"We look forward to the results from the exploration performed to date on these other targets and following up on the success of this diamond drilling program," said D'Onofrio.

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