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  • Could Alaska host rare critical metal?

    Curt Freeman, For Mining News|Updated Jan 26, 2014

    If you believe what you see in the press, Alaska's mineral industry was recently given a Christmas gift that trumps even the high-grade anthracite coal that most Alaskans were dreaming of during the last 40-below cold snap. The Alaska Dispatch reported on a recent presentation at the fall 2013 meeting of the American Geophysical Union titled, "Critical Metals in Western Arctic Ocean Ferromanganese Mineral Deposits," by James Hein, a senior scientist at the U.S. Geological... Full story

  • Be very afraid for three more years

    J. P. Tangen , Special to Mining News |Updated Jan 26, 2014

    As a co-chairman of the Federal Oversight Committee of the Alaska Miners Association for the past many years, it is interesting to me to see how the flow of new tinkering with the conduct of local affairs ebbs and flows at various stages of an incumbent federal administration. The federal government still owns more 27 percent of our nation's land, concentrated in the 11 contiguous western states and Alaska. About 225 million acres, or 62 percent, of our state falls into that category. Therefore, land management is of...

  • Golden 2013 for Alaska miners

    Shane Lasley, Mining News|Updated Jan 26, 2014

    Spurred by a record-setting pace at Kinross Gold Corp.'s Fort Knox Mine, Alaska gold production topped 1 million ounces during 2013, a golden milestone not achieved by Last Frontier gold miners since 1906. Though more than a century lies between these monumental milestones, they are linked by a discovery made by Felice Pedroni, an Italian immigrant better known to Alaskans as Felix Pedro. It was Pedro's gold find in an Interior Alaska stream in 1902 that sparked the Fairbanks...

  • Merger deal brightens juniors' horizons

    Rose Ragsdale, For Mining News|Updated Jan 26, 2014

    Striving to mix up a batch of lemonade from the unrelenting string of lemons dished out recently by the chronically depressed capital markets, three junior mining companies with promising assets in Yukon Territory are joining forces to protect those interests and pave the way for continued exploration. Redtail Metals Corp. and Northern Tiger Resources Inc. are merging their interests and acquire the Yukon assets of Americas Bullion Royalty Corp. (formerly Golden Predator Corp.) in a multifaceted transaction that will produce... Full story

  • Another major ponders Pebble options

    Shane Lasley, Mining News|Updated Jan 26, 2014

    Is Rio Tinto about to take out Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. and gain 100 percent of the enormous Pebble copper-gold-molybdenum project in Southwest Alaska? That is among the options management and directors will have to consider as they carry out a strategic review of the company's share holdings in the Vancouver, B.C.-based junior. Rio Tinto, through a wholly-owned subsidiary, owns 18.15 million common shares of Northern Dynasty, representing roughly 19.1 percent of the 95... Full story

  • Accomplished Alaskan leads Tower Hill

    Shane Lasley, Mining News|Updated Jan 26, 2014

    International Tower Hill Mines Ltd. rang in 2014 with a new chief executive leading a streamlined Alaska-centric company focused on optimizing and safeguarding Livengood until a partner steps up to continue the advancement of the 20-million-ounce gold deposit. Tom Irwin, who ascended to the role of president and CEO of International Tower Hill Mines on Jan. 1, will lead the company's efforts to develop a mine at the world-class Livengood gold project that would contribute to...

  • Report backs bid to smash Pebble

    Shane Lasley, Mining News|Updated Jan 26, 2014

    The final rendition of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Bristol Bay Assessment does not opine on whether large-scale mining should be allowed in the Bristol Bay watershed; the report does, however, provide "an important tactical resource" for those opposed to developing the world-class copper-gold-molybdenum deposit at Pebble. "The assessment is a technical resource for governments, tribes and the public as we consider how to address the challenges of large-scale...

  • Another banner year for B.C. mining?

    Rose Ragsdale, For Mining News|Updated Jan 26, 2014

    Like 2013, this year is expected to be another banner year for mining in British Columbia. An increasingly important industry in Canada's westernmost province, mining takes up a very small portion of British Columbia's vast 944,735 square kilometers (364,764 square miles) land mass - less than one percent - but the industry makes a tremendous impact on the province's economy. Today, British Columbia has 19 operating mines (nine coal and 10 metal). By comparison in 2001, the province had 15 operating mines (seven coal and...

  • Mineral-rich territory seeks explorers

    Rose Ragsdale, For Mining News|Updated Jan 26, 2014

    With devolution around the corner and a well-reasoned mineral development strategy in place, government and industry officials in Northwest Territories are making a concerted effort to alert the world to the mineral resource and investment opportunities to be found in Canada's Far North, especially in the jurisdiction that boasts the third-richest diamond resources in the world. In addition to three operating diamond mines and the sole tungsten producer in the West, NWT currently has six well-advanced mine projects working...

  • 2013 field season attracts 100 projects

    Rose Ragsdale, For Mining News|Updated Jan 26, 2014

    Like most mining jurisdictions worldwide, Yukon Territory encountered numerous challenges in 2013, including the prolonged drought in the capital markets. But the territory still managed to attract investment in more than 100 mineral exploration projects, most of which were follow-ups to campaigns in earlier seasons. The Yukon Geological Survey, in its annual exploration overview to be released Jan. 26, estimates exploration expenditures throughout the territory in 2013 to total about C$45 million, down dramatically from...