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Doyon – Leader in all we do

North of 60 Mining News – May 1, 2019

Series: ANCSA Mining | Story 6

"Leader in all we do" is the corporate vision of Doyon, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) regional corporation for Alaska's Interior.

This high standard is motivated by a desire to see its shareholders flourish; traditional ways thrive; and ensure a rich inheritance for future generations of shareholders.

This vision for excellence extends to Doyon's family of companies. These subsidiaries provide a wide range of services, including catering, facility maintenance, security, tourism and support for oil, gas and mining construction across Alaska.

Here are Doyon companies that provide services to Alaska's resource sectors:

Doyon Natural Resources Department manages the corporation's 12.5 million acres of lands across a region of Interior Alaska the size of France. These lands are rich with world-class deposits of gold and base metals as well as sedimentary basins favorable for oil and gas deposits. Doyon Natural Resources manages more than 40 sources of sand, gravel and rock within the Doyon region. Doyon material sites are available for large-scale, community and individual shareholder projects. The department's alluvial placer gold program encourages exploration and responsible third-party development of placer gold deposits within Doyon lands. Doyon Natural Resources also seeks experienced, capable companies to conduct hardrock base and precious mineral exploration within our lands. Doyon maintains a library containing 45 years or work summary reports from all exploration projects on Doyon land and select core samples are available for viewing.

Doyon Drilling Inc. (DDI) operates eight of the most unique oil and gas land drilling rigs that are specially designed to drill oil wells in extreme conditions such as those found on Alaska's North Slope. DDI currently has more than 300 employees with the main office located in Anchorage, Alaska. The drilling company has demonstrated a commitment to remain competitive in the industry by continually reinvesting in the resources, our employees and rigs. Investment in our fleet has helped to ensure profitability and continued joint venture partnerships. Doyon Drilling proudly celebrates a number of "firsts" in the industry. Its Rig 9 was the first self-propelled, wheel-mounted rig developed for the North Slope. This innovation was later applied to rigs 14, 15 and 16. DDI is also the first drilling company on the North Slope to use highline power and dual fuel turbines. Rig 141 is the only land-operated rig to drill five winter exploration wells in a single season for three consecutive years. Doyon Drilling is a proven leader in drilling technology, environmental awareness, safety and profitability.

Doyon Remote Facilities & Services (DRFS) provides clean, comfortable, contemporary accommodations and camp services to industries in remote locations throughout Alaska. Understanding that a high standard of living improves morale, resulting in improved productivity and lower costs, Doyon Remote Facilities & Services endeavors to make its camps as welcoming as possible. DFRS can also provide other services such as project management, manpower, office space, power generation, and sleeper units.

Doyon Anvil provides Alaska-based engineering, procurement, and consulting services and a knowledge of Alaska client's needs. This includes a full suite of multi-discipline engineering and design, process safety and risk management, project management and construction support services. Through the joint venture between parent companies Doyon Ltd. and Anvil Corp., Doyon Anvil has provided successful and quality engineering and project management services to the oil and gas industry for 48 years. This provides the engineering and consulting firm with extensive cold weather, arctic design, and North Slope experience.

Doyon subsidiary companies also provide information technology services, pipeline construction, contracted services to the federal government and manage operations in the tourism industry.


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