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Calista companies – rural Alaska experts

North of 60 Mining News – November 1, 2019

Series: ANCSA Mining | Story 13

Calista Corp., the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) regional corporation for the Yukon-Kuskokwim region of Southwest Alaska endeavors to set "the standard for economic success and corporate responsibility."

This corporate vision is passed down to Calista's subsidiaries, a group of 30 companies that provide a broad range of services that include heavy equipment sales, rental and service; construction, including pilings and crane services; transportation and logistics; stakeholder engagement services and consulting; and fiber optic services.

Many of the Calista subsidiaries have rural Alaska expertise that make them ideal for providing services to Donlin Gold and other mining projects in remote regions of the state.

Here are Calista companies equipped to provide services to Alaska's resource sectors:

Alaska Crane – Offers one of the most robust and comprehensive arctic-grade crane fleets in the Pacific Northwest. This mobile fleet includes cranes with 28- to 660-ton lift capacities and boom lengths of more than 400 feet. This is coupled with 3D lift planning software that ensures a safe and productive lift every time.

Brice Inc. – A group of companies that provide civil construction, marine services, materials and rental equipment. With more than 50 years of experience, Brice companies are leaders in performing logistically complex projects in rural and remote locations.

Brice Civil Constructors – Specializes in marine construction, as well as associated land-based construction, dredging, coastal and wetland restoration, and drilling support. Brice Constructors specializes in infrastructure and works with other Brice companies to build airport runways, wind farms, tank farms, and roads.

Brice Environmental – A leader in performing logistically complex environmental and construction projects in remote locations. Brice Environmental takes pride in its proven track record of full customer satisfaction as a result of its strong work ethic, safety record and commitment to outstanding services.

Brice Equipment – Provides arctic grade construction support equipment to the oil and gas, and construction industries. They have a fleet of more than 300 pieces of equipment ranging from heavy construction machinery to camp trailers, generators and compressors.

Brice Marine – Provides marine logistic services that transports employees, equipment, fuel and materials to remote sites at a variety of projects in rural Alaska and other locations around the world. The company also engineered a cutting-edge tug-barge design that streamlines the shipping process.

E3 Alaska was created in 2012. Calista understands that life in rural Alaska presents unique challenges including high energy costs, lack of infrastructure and few job opportunities. E3 provides a wide range of professional consulting services for all types of projects and operations, from start to finish.

STG Inc. – Specializing in rural Alaska construction, STG has more than 27 years of experience building infrastructure that has provided the most remote communities with essential services. This includes installation of rural wind energy; communication towers; diesel generation and bulk fuel system upgrades.

Yukon Equipment – The oldest Alaskan-owned heavy equipment dealer in Alaska and the sole dealer of several product lines in the state. In addition to equipment rentals, sales and leases, Yukon Equipment offers service and parts support from its three Alaska locations in Anchorage, Wasilla and Fairbanks.


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