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2018 marks a new era for Mining News

North of 60 Mining News – January 5, 2018

The turning of the calendar to 2018 marked the start of an exciting New Year for mining in Alaska and Canada's North, and a new era for North of 60 Mining News.

After more than a decade as a section of Petroleum News, the preeminent source for oil and gas news coverage in Alaska, I am pleased to announce that Mining News is now an independent news publication!

The new Mining News will continue its long-standing tradition of delivering the most reliable and comprehensive coverage of the mining and mineral exploration sectors in Alaska and northern Canada.

As publisher of Mining News since 2007, it has been my honor to follow mining in Alaska and northern Canada, a sector that is near and dear to me.

It has also been my privilege to get to know many of the people who work hard to ensure that the mining sector provides the world with the minerals it needs while ensuring that thousands of miners go home safe every day and the environment is protected for coming generations of miners. Thank you!

My wife and business partner, Rebecca and I look forward to continuing Mining News' tradition of delivering complete and in-depth coverage of this growing sector in Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

To better serve our readers, Mining News has launched an in-depth monthly print edition and new optimized website.

On top of delivering up-to-date mining coverage to your email each week, the monthly print edition will dig deeper into the issues, projects, companies and people that are vital to ensuring a strong mining sector across the North of 60 coverage area.

The modern Mining News website has been designed to connect people from around the world to the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of news related to mining in Alaska and Canada's North, plus an extensive library of archived articles that chronicle more than a decade of mining across this vast and mineral-rich expanse.

All current Mining News and Petroleum News subscribers have full access to the new Mining News website by using their email address associated with their subscription. Just visit the login page and use the email address as username. If you do not remember your password, that can be updated there as well.

If you have any trouble logging in, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call 907-726-1095.

If you have any other questions or have suggestions on how we can make Mining News better for you, please let us know!

Happy New Year!

Shane Lasley, publisher

North of 60 Mining News

[email protected]

Office: 907-726-1095

Mobile: 907-229-6289

Rebecca Lasley, business manager

North of 60 Mining News

[email protected]

Office: 907-726-1095

Mobile: 907-242-6084


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