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 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion
President Eisenhower White House government Biden Pebble Donlin

It is not often wise to set a president

Following the model set by other successful generals such as George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant, and Dwight Eisenhower, after having essentially won the War in Europe, went on to... — Updated 9/30/2021

Tongass National Forest U.S. Forest Service Roadless Rule reimposition USGS FEIS

Tongass hosts vast economic potential

Southeast Alaska is at a unique crossroads in its management of the Tongass National Forest. How will reimposition of the 2001 Roadless Rule impact development of natural resources like geothermal,... — Updated 9/23/2021

 By J.P. Tangen    Opinion
Alaska Transfer on Death Act deed inheritance mining law claims assets probate

Nothing is certain but death and taxes

In a recent case that crossed my desk, I was confronted by what seems to have been an easily avoided problem relating to the estate of a long-time, well-known, very sophisticated Alaska miner. Since... — Updated 8/26/2021

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion
Alaska mining Pebble project COVID pandemic vaccinations Clean Water Act

Youth, Youth, for the honor of truth

Over the past quadrennial, there has been a great deal of conversation about "truth." Especially in the political arena. Ostensibly, the number of "lies" that have emanated from the mouth of the... — Updated 7/29/2021

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion
Alaska Miners Association COVID-19 mining industry strategic minerals economy

The COVID elephant has left the state

Although new cases of COVID-19 are still appearing throughout the nation in general and Alaska in particular, at the moment they are hovering at the 40-per-day level apparently. The vaccine is worki... — Updated 6/24/2021

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion
President Joe Biden Alaska mining future Lisa Murkowski Deb Haaland

For Alaskans, it is a wonderful world

I always tend to look at the world through the wrong end of the telescope. For instance, many people regard the so-called political divisions in our country as being a problem, but for me, it is an... — Updated 5/27/2021

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion
Alaska Miners Association Pebble project Bristol Bay fishery BBDF mining fishing

Reports contrast role of fishing, mining

In February, the Alaska Miners Association (AMA) released its annual report on the Economic Benefits of Alaska's Mining Industry. That report highlighted the fact that 4,700 direct and 9,600 indirec... — Updated 4/1/2021

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion
2020 Alaska Exploration map pandemic COVID-19 legislature DNR natural resources

Wanted: A pandemic-era silver lining

Without a doubt, 2020 was somewhat less than a perfect year. If you didn't like the way it started out, with an impeachment and a pandemic dominating the news, you might not have liked the way it... — Updated 2/25/2021

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion
Pebble Mine Partnership Clean Water Act U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Alaska

Why can't we placer mine tidal wetlands?

It has often been said that one should never watch sausages or laws being made. There are good reasons for saying that, especially in our quasi-democratic environment. For just cause we have... — Updated 2/11/2021

 By J.P. Tangen    Opinion
North of 60 Mining News Joe Biden COVID-19 Army Corps of Engineers

It was the best and the worst of times

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, now is a good time to reflect on and prognosticate about Alaska and things mining. First, with regard to things past, from the impeachment to the election, 2020... — Updated 1/14/2021

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion

Pandemic skews traditional calendar

The fourth quarter in any given year, actually the period between Columbus Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, is always an interesting period. Every eighth year (more frequently with one-term... — Updated 11/25/2020

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion
Supreme Court Justice Amy Barrett swearing in ceremony at White House

Appointment takes court over the hump

The successful appointment of Justice Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court has possibly put an end for the time being to the national drift to the political left. Without disparaging any advocates for... — Updated 10/29/2020

 By Ron Thiessen    Opinion
Drill rigs test porphyry copper gold molybdenum silver rhenium deposit

A lot riding on Alaska's Pebble Mine

Northern Dynasty Minerals first set its sights on Alaska's Pebble deposit in the 1990s. After acquiring the property in 2001, the company spent more than a decade and close to $1 billion proving it... — Updated 10/1/2020

Jim McDougall at Windy Craggy cobalt copper gold silver zinc deposit BC

It is time for a new look at Windy Craggy

N'tsi Tatay, more widely known as the Windy Craggy Project, is one of North America's largest resources of cobalt with excellent copper, zinc, gold, and silver grades hosted in an Upper Triassic... — Updated 9/26/2020

 By Shane Lasley    Opinion
Butterfly Effect winds of change Covid 19 coronavirus positive change Earth

Coronavirus Effect blows wind of change

In what may be the world's grandest example of the Butterfly Effect, a microscopic organism in China has caused a hurricane of change for every person on Earth. For now, this change is... — Updated 9/26/2020

 By J.P. Tangen    Opinion
RBG evening vigil Supreme Court steps Washington DC

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has earned her paean

We all join in mourning the passing of one of the truly great Justices of the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS). Not because of her bent, but because she personified the finest qualities of a... — Updated 9/24/2020

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion

Modern mines must absorb social costs

Each July for the past four decades I have traveled to the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation’s Annual Institute for the purpose of maintaining my credentials as a lawyer and to keep abreast o... — Updated 7/30/2020

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion
Underground miner N95 mask Covid 19 hardhat hammer PPE interesting times

The times keep getting more interesting

Political differences, public demonstrations, a mortal pandemic, climate evolution, economic rebalancing plus a flood of other disasters have welled up over the past score of years to make our... — Updated 7/10/2020

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion
President Donald Trump cuts regulation red tape

Alaska's miners need to go back to work

If I were to write a letter to the President of the United States, it would probably go something like this: Dear Mr. President – Notwithstanding the aggressive Executive Orders that you have s... — Updated 5/28/2020

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion
Haul trucks at Kinross Gold Fort Knox Mine Interior Alaska

Mining is Alaska's workhorse industry

Since statehood at least and, to a certain extent, since the earliest territorial days, Alaska has depended on the development of its resources for its prosperity. Fishing and mining were among the... — Updated 4/30/2020

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion
Geologist social distancing while exploring the Ambler Mining District Alaska

The future of mining in a changing world

In the current environment, it is difficult to avoid discussing the elephant in the room. Essentially, we need to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect mining activities in Alaska in the... — Updated 3/26/2020

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion
Alaska capitol building Juneau Alaska

Alaska's Legislature moves mountains

It is the very nature of the legislative process for the participants to endure conflict and controversy. Generally, the confrontations endemic to law-making begin when a citizen files for public... — Updated 2/28/2020

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion

Regulatory burden relief gains traction

A priority of the Trump administration in 2016 was the reduction of the regulatory burden on America's businesses. Three years ago, the President signed Executive Order 13771, "Reducing Regulation... — Updated 1/30/2020

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion

Opposition to Alaska mining is shameful

This author, in this column and elsewhere, has often taken the position that Alaska, especially in remote locations, is the safest, most environmentally-sound and worker-friendly mining location in... — Updated 1/10/2020

 By J. P. Tangen    Opinion

Mining flourishes in interesting times

If you pay any attention to the popular press, it is difficult to avoid critical references to President Trump. He has become the effigy for everything from political division to global iconoclasm.... — Updated 11/27/2019


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